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These days, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is synonymous with good hotel service—as is the case at highly rated bed and breakfast hotels in Warrington. If the latest numbers are any indication, what used to be a luxury is now a basic amenity and indeed a sales strategy for many hotels worldwide. For instance, 73 percent of hoteliers who responded to a survey – conducted by telecommunications company Motorola and partner IDG Connect – agree that thanks to free Wi-Fi access, their bookings have increased tenfold.


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The continental breakfast is a product of the cultural exchanges between Europe and the U.S. A watered-down version of the heavy breakfasts that dominated tables in these continents, the continental breakfast has become a standard meal in most hotels around the world.

Slate’s L.V. Anderson asks an interesting question: “What makes a continental breakfast…well, ‘continental?’” Depending on who you ask, “continental” can either refer to mainland Europeans or the Thirteen Colonies that formed the United States. In this case, however, the first definition applies. (more…)

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Northwich has big plans for the coming years, starting with next year’s calendar.

With full support from the local populace, Visual Arts Cheshire recently released a 2015 calendar featuring the sights and sounds of this quaint medieval hamlet as witnessed through the seasons. All images were taken by local photographers, who hope to share the beauty of Northwich with the world. The calendar can be obtained from select establishments like the town library and the Weaver Hall Museum. (more…)

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From Liverpool, North Wales is just on the other side of the Wirral Peninsula. At one point in time, hovercraft made regular trips between New Brighton and Rhyl, a popular seaside resort in North Wales. However, for many reasons, the trips became less frequent until they eventually ground to a halt.

Today, in response to the growth of tourism in Rhyl and North wales in general, two hovercraft operators have expressed interest in restoring the sea route. The project, according to reports, may cost around £10 million and cut the travel time from the 90-minute land route to just 20 across the sea. If everything goes according to plan, the route may enter service as early as December 2015. (more…)

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Travel delays or cancellations – whether from airlines, railways or other transportation means – can be truly disruptive, especially if you’re on vacation. The uncertainty of the weather in the U.K. and the other “unforeseen circumstances” that befall roads, train tracks, airspaces, etc. can cause you to get stuck anywhere. Train passengers who took part in the recent Passenger Focus survey have enumerated such concerns, according to BBC News U.K.:

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In the hospitality industry expensive doesn’t necessarily denote top quality. Premium service and amenities can be had for a nominal price just like in the well-designed budget hotels near Warrington in the U.K. Surveys of online bookings show that business and leisure travellers bypassed luxury accommodation in favour of these mini marvels. Incentive Travel & Corporate Meetings (ITCM) published an article describing this trend.

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When a country wants to boost its tourism, opening doors to more than a billion potential visitors from one of the largest countries in the world may be the solution. BBC News reports on how the British government plans to woo Chinese nationals into visiting the U.K. in droves. This has resulted in reputable hotels in Warrington and the rest of the country considering how to prepare.

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Short national holidays like the recent bank holiday present opportunities for people to take a little time off to relax, bond with family and friends, and do a little traveling. The Press Association, in an article for the Sunday Post, reports on how millions of Britons planned to leave the country for their holiday weekend:

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Great Britain is a favourite tourist spot for many travellers. The country’s rich history and diversity make it an ideal destination for people who want a vacation and experience a multi-culture at the same time. The country offers tourists many historical places to visit, arts and entertainment. Even the popular Royal Family attract visitors.

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Sharing experiences and trying new things together can help keep family relationships healthy. Yet can you still afford to take your family on a vacation? It may be more challenging now, amidst reports of price hikes introduced by many businesses, including leisure establishments.

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