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Posted on December 1st, 2014 at 6:58 AM by happyguestslodge.co.uk

These days, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is synonymous with good hotel service—as is the case at highly rated bed and breakfast hotels in Warrington. If the latest numbers are any indication, what used to be a luxury is now a basic amenity and indeed a sales strategy for many hotels worldwide. For instance, 73 percent of hoteliers who responded to a survey – conducted by telecommunications company Motorola and partner IDG Connect – agree that thanks to free Wi-Fi access, their bookings have increased tenfold.


Since 2000, the number of internet users around the world has increased by a whopping 566 percent. In addition, a growing number of travellers simply crave and indeed need to stay hyper-connected. Travellers these days rely on Wi-Fi access for basically anything: making business calls, relaxing by way of music or video streaming as well as uploading photos and videos on social media.

Wi-Fi influences hotel bookings as mobile dependency rises

Meanwhile, as reported on BigHospitality, the latest Expedia/Egencia Mobile Index points out that 56 per cent of global travellers base their purchasing decisions on Wi-Fi availability. In addition, while only about 59 per cent of British travellers bring their laptops, quite a number of them use their smartphones and tablets to book their trips, manage their itineraries, learn more about their destinations, receive travel notifications, and check in for flights. This clearly spells the need for reliable wireless connectivity throughout a hotel.


As global and UK travellers becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile devices, leading hotels in Runcorn—such as the Happy Guests Lodge—respond accordingly by offering complimentary Wi-Fi access on top of other amenities. These include free Continental breakfast, room service food and drinks and free parking. In fact, a study conducted in 2013 indicates that travellers are not likely to return to a hotel that has poor Wi-Fi service.


Thanks to free wireless internet access, business or leisure travellers on the go can stay productive and keep connected with the people who matter to them. Hotels such as the Happy Guests Lodge offer great value by providing guests with comfortable accommodation, an assortment of modern-day conveniences, and the ability to stay connected throughout their stay.


(Source: Wi-Fi influences hotel bookings as mobile dependency rises, BigHospitality, 16 October 2014)

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