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Posted on October 29th, 2014 at 1:58 AM by happyguestslodge.co.uk

Northwich has big plans for the coming years, starting with next year’s calendar.

With full support from the local populace, Visual Arts Cheshire recently released a 2015 calendar featuring the sights and sounds of this quaint medieval hamlet as witnessed through the seasons. All images were taken by local photographers, who hope to share the beauty of Northwich with the world. The calendar can be obtained from select establishments like the town library and the Weaver Hall Museum.


Hotspot of the Future
Since 2006, Northwich officials have been planning major projects to promote local tourism. Once a salt-producing town, the salt mines gave way to stability projects designed to literally support future developments. Decades of mining the underground treasure trove had placed the entire town at risk of catastrophic collapse.

Fortunately, Northwich stands to benefit from its salt mining history with the restoration of one of the most popular salt works in town: Lion Salt Works. Although no longer a salt-producing site, plans to make it into a museum that demonstrates the Victorian art of salt production came to fruition. Given the town’s location, the process involves natural brine instead of seawater.

The local salt industry even inspired engineering marvels like the Anderton Boat Lift, popularly known as “Cathedral of the Canals.” Built in 1875, this 50-foot hydraulic vertical link connected the River Weaver and Trent & Mersey Canal despite their height difference. Rock salt exports improved due to this innovation, which also inspired similar systems across Europe.

Salty Town, Sweet Lodgings
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From there, you could venture out to Warrington, which is just a 15 minute car ride away. Have a pleasant stroll through town, head out for some retail therapy, or drop by any of the designated nature reserves. The options are endless.

Help support local tourism in Northwich by paying its antiquated salt mines a visit. It’ll help you appreciate the backbreaking job that used to be called salt mining. Cheap hotels near Warrington or Northwich can serve as your home away from home at the end of these wonderful daytrips.

(Source: “Calendar hopes to showcase Northwich to the world,” Northwich Guardian, October 21, 2014)

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