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Spending quality time with your little ones is not something you should do only when it’s convenient. As children get older parents often have to double their effort to support their children’s increasing needs. Unfortunately, these efforts can result in the opposite of what’s intended. It’s every parent’s nightmare. Pressure from the need to adapt to a bigger world may be overwhelming for many children. On the other hand if you let the kids just ‘get on with it’ they may take this lack of attention as negligence of their value, which fuels insecurity and frustrations; the formula for a rebellious adolescence.


To lessen the chances of rebellious children, kids should get adequate guidance as early as possible. If you can’t communicate with your kids regularly because of work demands, then at least reserve time for a vacation so your family can unwind. Experts suggest taking them to new environments so they can be adventurous. An entirely new place takes their attention away from stressors since it encourages them to explore. Your children would need the kind of trip where they’ll be more active than just strolling at a local mall. So, pack your bags, hop in a car and check in one of the cosy hotels in Northwich.

Helping Kids Cope With Stress


Northwich, voted one of the best places to be in Cheshire, England, has many attractions specifically designed for kids’ enjoyment, located just a few miles from its center. There’s Stockley farm where kids can experience hands-on fun feeding baby animals their bottles of milk. Get your kids’ competitive juices flowing with its themed quizzes and colouring competitions. You may also take them to Blakemere Village where they can do painting, pot making, and candle making, then go shopping right after.


Warrington, a neighbouring town, also has its own amazing attractions to take your kids to. It boasts of the Gulliver Theme Park designed for families with kids aged 2-13. If your kids are the types who enjoy the woods, you may take them to Delamare Forest, where you can hire the rugged all-terrain Segway. You may opt to check-in one of the economy hotels near Warrington like Happy Guests Lodge. It has access to restaurants, a fitness centre, vending machines, wi-fi, HD TVs and even video games if requested. These budget hotels let you save on accommodation costs while ensuring your family stays comfortable throughout your stay.


Active trips expose them to new learning while diverting their attention away from concerns back home. It’s likely that they’ll be more open to talk because after a relaxing vacation problems are usually perceived as much lighter. But if they won’t talk, don’t insist. Instead, just make them feel that you’re there. One thing’s for sure though, your kids won’t be little forever so create memories that will strengthen your relationship now and in the future.


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